FITNESS: T-TAPP Women’s Workout

Are you interested in getting in shape or staying healthy but don’t know what to do?  Consider coming to a weekly class at Calvary Chapel where we will rotate using different T-Tapp DVD’s.  T-Tapp, created by Teresa Tapp, is different from most forms of exercise-there’s no jumping, lifting weights or running-but you will get a workout! And it’s for all fitness levels. T-Tapp is cardio, strength, muscle toning and flexibility in one workout.  It’s a series of comprehensive, compound movements designed to put the body in proper functional alignment and is very rehabilitative, especially for lower back and knees.  You work on posture, proper body alignment and also brain body coordination. It also works your lymphatic system as well as balances hormones.  To put it simply, it works both your inside and outside.  There will also be a brief devotional.  This workout is for ladies and girls over 13.  Please wear modest gym clothes, bring a water bottle, and small towel.

(Watch this link to learn about T-Tapp.


T-TAPP Women’s Workout Starting Feb. 16, 2017

Ages: Ladies and girls over 13

Day:  Thursday

Times:  7-8:30 pm

Room:  C-24

For more information, contact Kathy Lee at 727-471-1428  or via email.