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As an outreach strategy, Calvary Sports represents one of the most effective platforms to reach today’s culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For the last five years, Calvary Sports has been a ministry based out of Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg. Our vision is to impact and connect people in the community by using sports as a tool to share the good news of salvation. This is done through outreach, discipleship, and fellowship. The avenue of sports provides a unique opportunity to integrate spiritual and physical disciplines in an environment fueled by passion and purpose.

There is no formula or specific program that we can use to change people’s hearts. Sports does, however, create an avenue to reach many people through sharing the Gospel and letting God change their hearts.  Sports is only the tool that will help us build relationships, give us the chance to share the hope that lives within us, and make disciples for God’s glory.

Luis Hernandez - Sports Director

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